My number one priority is making sure all of my customers are satisfied with the work they see or product(s) they receive. I strive for perfection but we all know that perfection isn't always what we get. One of the biggest reasons I have been with SmugMug for so long is their relentless effort to keep their customers, like me, satisfied and they do so by providing world class support to our customers.

The guarantees:

You are having issues receiving your order, what should you do? SmugMug guarantees all our prints, no matter what. That includes orders lost or damaged in transit. Whether your customer typoed their mailing address, a mail carrier was careless, or the neighbor's dog fancied some prints for dinner, we've got your back. Just have your customer email our Support Heroes.

You aren't happy with your prints, what should you do? SmugMug guarantees all our prints, and our Support Heroes will do everything they can to make sure your customer is thrilled. Feel free to have your customer email us, and we'll take good care of them. Often, we'll work with you to obtain adjusted images and reprint them at no cost to you or your customer. Occasionally, the images won't make acceptable prints, and we'll ask the customer to return the unsatisfactory prints for a full refund.

In all cases the Support Heroes can be emailed at

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